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Parminder Kaur

Have been under treatment for 6 months and very stable now. Appreciate the treatment and care given to me. Almost all queries sent to doctor were answered promptly and accurately. I appreciate how straightforward and honest dr Nikhil is

Mr Rohan Sawant

Properly taken care of on going problems and treatment given is excellent highly recommend. Online consultation is also good.

Manoj Sethi

Went to doctor to quit smoking. It has been 15 days and feeling good. Treatment is working well. I am comfortable so far

Kamath Soumya

The doctor was very patient with my problems and offered constructive solutions. He explained the entire process well and was very polite. Would definitely recommend him to friends and family.

Ashna Parbalkar

Dr. Nikhil treated me with the least amount of medication possible and so my experience with him was great. Would 100% recommend.

Dhwani Shah

Dr. Gurjar, was very helpful in his advice and understanding of my issues. I truly want to thank Dr. Gurjar who has been a part of this journey and helped me overcome things which had confined me for the longest. Thanks for doing what you did for me!

Bhupal Simran

The doctor was very patient while listening to me, and heard my problems with great empathy and attention. I feel much better on the medicines prescribed to me by them and im grateful for their help


Dr Nikhil’s approach to psychiatry has been extremely helpful. He’s proven himself to be a kind, trusted doctor with great insight into his patient’s distress. His client-centred approach has proven to be greatly effective and I’m always happy to recommend him!


Doctor Nikhil is a good councilor His advice has helped me greatly in my life

Arun dev

I am very grateful to dr nikhil he has not only cured me but have saved me from my addiction issues If anyone looking for drug issues I definitely recommend dr gurjar.

Ahanya sarsa

Dr Nikhil, is very good. he listens patiently and also does a deep scrutiny about the patients case. The best part about his treatment is that he does not give heavy medication and also tries to taper you off the medication as soon as you start to respond to the medicines. I have taken two of my relatives to him and they have seen positive results. He gives time and thats most important as now days doctors dont really have time to give to the patients.

Firoz khan

I found details of Dr. Nikhil via google. I went to him when i was facing high level of anxiety and stress. I was stressed due to autoimmune disease got triggered due yo vaccination. He took brief of my life, past experiences, medical history and he listen things very carefully. After listening to you he provides best solution and his optimistic way of speaking to you will make you relax at first place. I was under his supervision for at least 5-6 months and found him very much available for me whenever i messaged him on whatsapp. I am glad and lucky to find him as i am completely out from anxiety. Yes it took time but every day was full of happiness and confidence. He is more like a friend and always available for his patients.