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Dr Nikhil Gurjar - Psychiatirist

Dr Nikhil Gurjar MBBS, MD(Psychiatry) is a Certified Psychiatrist practicing in Mumbai. He is Proficient in Assessing, Diagnosing and Managing Psychiatric disorders in patients across all age groups and walks of life.

He is an ardent follower of the bio-psycho-social model of mental illnesses and believes in providing wholistic support to patients. He also focuses on addressing the problems faced by family members of patients with mental illnesses and believes in adequate psychoeducation of both patient as well as caregiver.

Due importance and time is given to get a complete understanding of the patient as well as his/her problems. His approach to a patient also involves thorough investigation of the root source of problems as well as any precipitating and aggravating factors. Many people struggle with emotional problems at different points in their life, and are often clueless about what to do, but after seeing a psychiatrist they often experience observable involvement in their quality of life.

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