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Brown Sugar Deaddiction

When we think of brown sugar , the usual thing that comes to our mind is the normal sugar brown in colour. But no, here when we are talking about brown sugar addiction, this sugar is far different from the normal sugar. The brown sugar is an adulterated form of heroine , it consists of 20%heroine.

The peddler community call it with other names as smack, H, junk, horse,black tar , sounds cool , isn’t it ?Pure heroin accounts for only 20% of the brown sugar drug, rest 80% comes in the form of chalk powder, zinc oxide and even iodex. Since the original brown sugar is very costly, the impurities make it cheaper.The consumer usually in place of brown sugar is consuming poison, which would kill inch by inch.

Brown sugar can be snorted in its pure form ,but since the majority of people get the impure form, and it burns at lower temperature they prefer smoking it to intake this drug.Apart from smoking and snorting people also prefer injecting it with the help of a syringe, it is dangerous as the impurities do not dissolve completely.

Brown sugar doesn’t mix in water , so it is dissolved in any citric acid component and then injected. When we talk about its usage in India,brown sugar is seeing a rapid increase.Brown sugar starts affecting within a minute of consume, it directly attacks the metabolism of the user, lasting for around 4-5 hrs.