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Marital Counselling

Marriage counselling is a kind of psychotherapy that helps resolve conflicts between couples and improves their relationship. It is often offered by family and marriage therapists to enable a couple to make decisions about rebuilding their relationship or going their own separate ways.

It usually includes both partners, but sometimes one of the partners may choose to work with a therapist alone. The treatment plan depends on the situation. While our intentions towards our spouse are usually good, there are several influences, behaviours and stresses that can test even the strongest bonding. Even the happiest couples will tell you that marriage is not smooth sailing all the time.

The main issues that couples usually bring to therapy are high levels of conflicts and growing mutual distance. Major life changes and daily stresses can put pressure on the relationship too.

No matter what the cause, it's best to tackle relationship issues sooner than later - just as you would do for any health ailment. Experts say that on an average, a couple waits for 6 years to get help. And that’s unfortunate because the sooner you seek counselling, the better are your chances of saving the marriage.

Every year, thousands of couples around the world turn to marriage counselling to work out their issues. One of the advantages of the therapy is that it can help to identify patterns within the relationship that lead to issues. Couples also learn how their actions and reactions affect the other person.